Friday, October 3, 2008

For the Record

Palin's remarks re: homosexuality have finally driven me over the edge. I know people here and our previous board have written/said the same thing and I walked on by, but enough is enough. Palin says, and I'm paraphrasing so I may get a word or two wrong, but the gist won't be lost: "I have a friend, she's not my gay friend, she's one of my best friends, (ok, so far so good, but she had to screw it up). She just made a decision(choice? I can't remember) to live her life a certain way, a decision(choice) that I chose not to make for myself."

A decision(choice)?

Once and for all, homosexuality is not a decision(choice).

What if she had said, "I have a friend, she's not my black friend, she's one of my best friends, She just chose to be black (or Irish, or Mexican or Czech). That's a decision(choice) I chose not to make." As I said I've seen this sentiment written before by 'friends' of mine here and it ticked me off , but I let it go.

No person in their right mind would 'choose' to be belittled. To be a second-class citizen. To be denied basic civil rights. To watch every word they say and to whom. To not quite know when it's ok to be themselves.

I know what arguments I'm going to get, and some may seem valid on the surface, but men and women do make choices for different reasons that make them not a part of the homosexual community, but eventually it comes to a point where they have to be true to themselves.

A choice - hell no.

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