Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Frog Genitals

Mom's, you may not find this funny (kinda sexual?)

but I'm laughing my arse off!


In the late 70's mominem bought novelty frogs with male and female genitalia.

Cut to last weekend and she bought a new pair to give to Syddo the kiddo (for 50 cents), in mom's words, "to teach her about sex."

Now cut to today.

Syddo gets off of the bus, pronounces, "Time to let the frogs out!" and proceeds to unfold a white washcloth with the ceramic 'enhanced' frogs.

She showed them to the children on the bus.

Ok. Breathe.

Mom is waiting on Sis to freak.


Turns out that Sis doesn't know until they went out to the store and Syd spills her guts.

Sis comes in afterwards, sans Syddo, and is livid!

She yells at mom for buying the frogs.

I point out that the frogs were not taken from here, but from her house, and she should see what her child takes to school.

Did I mention I'm giggling the whole time?

She wasn't amused. Apparently I don't know what it means to be called in to the Principal's office.

I'm still giggling.

She's going on about her 'permanent record' and Lord knows what else.

I'm still giggling because she didn't take a gun or drugs or porn to school, she took stupid anatomically incorrect frogs to the bus.

Frogs don't have boobs or a penis as depicted.

and she's taking Syd to another city next school year.

I still think it's funny...