Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Weirdness and Random Thoughts

So since I can't drive to work, daddy is my carpool buddy.

we drive down a highway by the house which is riddled with honkey tonks.

The Saloon is now:

The South Houston Funeral Home.

No freaking joke! The place still has the horse posts out front! I want to have my funeral there - they'd better play old country and western music!

Random thought that made daddy mad:

me: Dad, do you have stud finder? The battery in mine is dead.

Daddy: Why?

me: I want to see if it can find the screws in my leg - the magnets didn't work.

Daddy: Dammit Richard, stop F*cking with your leg!

me: I just want to see!

I do wonder why magnets didn't work. Tomorrow I'm trying stronger magnets...